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Shaq's shoe size is a Men's US 23. He wear like a 22 wide. Actually i watched mtv cribs and he said himself (quoted) "I wear a size 22".


Shaq is 7'1, 335 pounds. His shoe size is 22EEE. His pants have an outside seam of 4 feet, 6 1/2 inches. At age 13 he was 6-6 and wore size 17 shoes.


11 to 12 inches long. And he wears size 23 shoes. he is 7 foot 1 inch (He has been shrinking!!!) 325 pounds from louisiana college 14 years pro and was born March 6 1972. He is my favorite star on the planet (Next to TAZ!) I love him!!! (In a straight way!)


Tried on Shaq's shoe (Size 22 EEE)Fits like a glove!


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questin in regards to the topic here. What are the salary requirements for job for Eb2 category. Does one need to be making that much while on H1b or once he has green card.


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