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Sevin dust contains the active ingredient carbaryl, which can be used to kill fleas. It is available in both spray and dust forms and can be used outdoors or directly on a pet.


Although it is a popular alternative flea treatment, Sevin dust is not safe for use on dogs or other domestic animals. It can cause eye and skin irritation, and ingestion can lead to digestive upset.


The chemical carbaryl is the main active ingredient in the brand Sevin insecticide. Carbaryl is the commercial name for the insecticide chemical known as 1-naphthyl methylcarbamate. Carbaryl is effective against a wide variety of pests, and is often formulated as dusts,...


Insects that Sevin dust kills include potato beetles, parasitic wasps, ladybugs, bees, roaches and fleas. Sevin dust contains a chemical called carbaryl, which kills over 100 types of insects.


Find instructions for a particular Sevin liquid insecticide product on the label of the product you are using or by locating the instructions of a particular product on the manufacturer's website, GardenTech.com. GardenTech.com offers a downloadable PDF of each of its p...


Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer controls insects by acting in two ways, referred to by the manufacturer as dual mode: It kills insects both on contact and when ingested. The active ingredient in this insecticide is cabaryl.


Sevin is the brand name of an insecticide used to kill a variety of insects and spiders. Sevin comes in both solid and liquid forms. Liquid forms of Sevin may be either concentrated or diluted depending on the specific type that is purchased.