According to, exploring how long it takes for drinks to stain a person's teeth is a good science project idea. Testing the relationship between a person's eye color and sight is another good idea for a sevent... More »

The best graded science projects for the seventh grade usually revolve around chemistry. Experiments dealing with liquids and gas tend to be the highest rated. More » Education K-12

A good science fair project for a seventh grade student is to explore the relationship between eye color and sight. The project attempts to answer whether or not a person's eye color affects their ability to identify col... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Some second grade science project ideas include a leaf display, terrarium and nature portrait. These projects include the use of items found in nature that students in second grade learn about. More » Education K-12

Sixth grade science project ideas are located on websites for MPM School Supplies and Dreamworks' School of Dragons. Both sites offer activities for both life and physical sciences. More »

Some ideas for a 4th grade science project are: how to make a rain cloud in a bottle, explaining surface tension and comparing the amount of sugar in popular drinks. To choose an experiment, children should decide what p... More » Science Measurements

The egg drop project is a fun science project for fifth graders that encourages creative problem solving strategies. Using household items, the goal is to create a system that will protect the egg when dropped on the gro... More » Education K-12