Seventh Day Adventists follow a variety of dietary restrictions, but the specific restrictions depend on the individual practitioner. Most Adventists follow kosher food restrictions and avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffein... More »

Seventh-day Adventists believe in baptism, the Bible, communion, a healthy diet and equality. They also believe in heaven and hell. The Anabaptist Protestant tradition governs their doctrine. More » World View Religion Christianity

Seventh-day Adventists view the Ten Commandments as law, modeling how they live on them and believing that following them brings them closer to God. In line with the Fourth Commandment, they believe Sundays are days of r... More »

Traditionally, seventh-day churches including Seventh Day Adventists, Seventh Day Baptists and Church of God (7th Day) have services on Saturday. Roman Catholic Churches offer Saturday mass and a growing number of Evange... More »

You can find an Adventist bookstore by clicking on the Store Locator/Store Directory link at the bottom of the Adventist Book Center website. The link opens in a new page that has fields where you can choose your country... More » World View Religion Christianity

As of 1986, the Seventh Day Adventist North American Division Annual Council allows church members to wear wedding rings. Up until that point, wedding rings were forbidden in North America. As of May 2014, Seventh Day Ad... More »

Seventh-day Adventists do not celebrate Christmas. They do not celebrate any religious holidays or festivals. The only time that Seventh-day Adventists set apart as holy is the weekly Sabbath, which occurs from Friday at... More »