Settlement letters to creditors are letters sent by a consumer to a lender with whom they have a past due account. The purpose of the letter is to offer a lump sum payment to settle the account and stop any further colle... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

Writing an insurance settlement letter involves establishing any injuries sustained, why another individual is responsible for those injuries, the nature and cost of any medical treatment, and specific figures of any los... More » Government & Politics Law

Several websites, including those for LeaveDebtBehind, CuraDebt and SJ Packman & Associates, offer sample debt settlement letters for customers. All these sites protect the identity of the debtor for privacy reasons. More » Government & Politics Law Debt Law
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Fix poor credit by prioritizing the negative entries on your credit report and satisfying your debts by paying the balance or arranging a payment plan settlement with creditors. Raise your credit score by correcting any ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

A HUD-1 settlement statement is a document that outlines the fees for services that the broker or lender has charged for a real estate transaction, explains CLA Title & Escrow. Charges include the money exchanged between... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

Methods for removing derogatory information from credit reports include asking creditors to remove negative information; filing a dispute with the credit reporting agency; filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial P... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

Debt settlement scams involve companies making unrealistic promises to help relieve debt without full disclosure of the possible negative ramifications to the consumer, reports the Federal Trade Commission. Unscrupulous ... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending