Group homes are out-of-home placement options for children in foster care who are unable to be placed in traditional foster homes due to significant emotional or behavioral problems, according to the California Departmen... More » Government & Politics Social Services

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Group homes for children can be found by doing a simple search using a preferred search engine, indicating a specific city and state. Organizations such as the United Way also offer listings of homes and shelters for chi... More » Family Parenting Child Care

State family departments, such as the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Missouri Department of Social Services, the California Department of Social Services and the Wisconsin Department of Children and Fam... More » Government & Politics Social Services

When starting a group home for teens, search for other group homes in the area, draft a mission statement and business plan, appoint a board of directors, establish funding, and apply for the appropriate licenses, advise... More » Business & Finance

Health care assistance from the Missouri Department of Social Services includes help finding coverage options or locating a medical provider, methods for determining benefits and assistance completing applications. Cover... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Talking to workers at group homes about amenities, programs and conditions; finding out how many teens are at each home; asking teens who have stayed at the homes about their experiences; and researching the outcomes for... More » Family Teenagers