Different types of contract templates include car selling contracts, payment agreement contracts, partnership agreements, business associate agreements and participating business contracts. These contracts are available ... More »

To write a service contract, determine the services to be provided, the payment details, who handles paying the expenses, and who provides the materials, tools and working space, according to Nolo. Include the length of ... More » Government & Politics Law

Templates for letters of agreement are available on websites such as and SampleLetersWorld provides templates for agreements between individuals and businesses for many situations... More »

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A sample partnership agreement is a template that business owners can use to write their own partnership agreements. The sample includes all the mutually agreed-upon elements needed to run the business. More »

A snow removal contract contains the scope of services to be provided by the contractor, an action plan, agreement terms and assignability, and the terms of payment, according to The contract also sti... More »

Find sample contracts with noncompete agreements at Rocket Lawyer and SME Toolkit. Whereas SME Toolkit offers a prewritten sample, Rocket Lawyer allows users to build custom contract samples by providing information abou... More »

Important things to include in confidentiality agreements include definitions of confidential information, what is excluded from the agreement, the obligations of the person agreeing to confidentiality, the time period t... More »