Popular employee recognition program examples include annual awards, reward point systems, surprise on-the-spot awards, peer recognition and appreciation events. Some companies recognize employees through service awards ... More »

Some examples of employee recognition award titles are Outstanding Innovator, Excellence in Organization, Safety Achievement, Above and Beyond, and Sales Leader Award. Award titles can be serious, such as Cost-Effective ... More »

When wording service recognition awards, include the recipient?s name, the name of the organization presenting the award, the name of the award, the reason for the recognition and the date. Embellish the wording, as appr... More »

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Some good ideas for employee incentives include reward incentives, compensation incentives, recognition incentives and appreciation incentives. An event, object, action or item of value is an incentive, and it is intende... More »

Thank you, dedication and commitment are simple, powerful words to use when crafting employee recognition awards. Select words and phrases that reflect the specific accomplishments being recognized and sincerely communic... More »

Some examples of employee recognition programs include years of service, production, certificates and the president's club. These programs help in lowering staff turnover, improving productivity and inspiring creativity ... More »

Popular award certificates in the workplace include recognition for perfect attendance, most improved employee and excellence in leadership. Student award certificates include recognition for grade point average, honor r... More »