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Glucose is another word referring to the sugar within a person's bloodstream. According to My Lab Testing, it is the primary test done to screen for diabetes.


Blood serum is yellow. The red color of human blood comes from hemochrome, a pigment that transports oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Blood's liquid nature, however, comes from the serum. According to About.com's Regina Bailey, plasma makes up 55 percent of human bloo...


Enzymes speed up the rates of reactions within the body. An enzyme acts by binding to a substrate, the substance that will be acted on by the enzyme. When the substrate binds to the enzyme, the reaction takes place.


Horse serum is used in the creation of vaccinations; horses are subjected to harmful diseases for the sole purpose of creating antibodies against these diseases that can be used in human vaccinations. Diphtheria, tetanus and scarlet fever all have vaccines that utilize ...


"Folate serum" refers to the amount of folate, a B vitamin naturally present in many foods, in a person’s blood serum, explains the National Institutes of Health. Testing for folate involves having blood drawn by qualified personnel to confirm how much folate is present...


A chloride serum test is performed to check the level of chloride electrolytes in blood or urine, according to WebMD. Chloride plays an important part in regulating pH levels, fluid balance and blood pressure. It is also an indicator of kidney health.


iS Active Serum is a skin product that is part of the iS Clinical product line. The serum is used to treat signs of aging, acne and skin pigmentation issues, iS Clinical states.