The absolute location of Seoul is at the latitude of 37 degrees and 34 minutes north and the longitude of 126 degrees and 59 minutes east. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. More » Geography Asia East Asia

According to Korea Post, an example postal code for Seoul, South Korea is 132-798. Postal codes should be placed underneath the addresses of both the sender and receiver. More »

Some facts about the capital of Korea or Seoul, South Korea are that it's the largest city in South Korea and that it is considered a mega city because it has a population over 10 million. The population was 10,208,302 a... More »

The absolute location of Tokyo, Japan is at the latitude of 35 degrees 41 minutes north, and longitude of 139 degrees 41 minutes east. Tokyo is situated around the central part of the Japanese archipelago, south of the K... More »

The absolute location of Seychelles is at the latitude of 4 degrees 35 minutes south and the longitude of 55 degrees 40 minutes east. The island country is situated in the northeast region of Madagascar, and it is surr... More » Geography Africa

The absolute location of Rome, Italy is at the latitude of 41 degrees and 54 minutes North and longitude of 12 degrees and 29 minutes East. The capital city is situated in the western region of the Apennine Mountains and... More »

The absolute location of Japan's capital, Tokyo, is 35 degrees 41 minutes north by 139 degrees 41 minutes east. The northern city of Sapporo has an absolute location of 43 degrees 3 minutes north by 141 degrees 21 minute... More »