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Depending on the insurance company, seniors may qualify for a host of senior driver discounts, including mature driver discounts, low-mileage discounts, retired military member discount and discounts for taking a special senior driver training course. Seniors may also q...


To find senior discounts, ask businesses because many of them provide senior discounts without advertising about the offers, search online by visiting websites such as SeniorDiscounts.com and Sciddy.com, and join membership organizations, such as AARP. Common discounts ...


Customers get discounts on car insurance by comparing rates, driving safely, bundling policies with one company, maintaining good credit and increasing deductibles. Taking advantage of multiple discounts can add up to big savings for drivers.


Seniors over 65 – and sometimes younger than 65 but over 50 – can get discounts on restaurant meals, admission prices, membership fees, and store-bought items such as groceries. Seniors may also get discounts for services such as haircutting, dry cleaning and lawn care....


As of 2015, insurance companies that offer multi-car discounts include AAA, Geico, State Farm and Farmers, according to the companies' websites. The amounts and terms of the discounts vary by state, notes Farmers Insurance Company.


Health insurance options for seniors include managed-care plans such as health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations and point-of-service organizations. While many seniors are covered by Medicare, supplemental insurance covers treatments and medica...


Several airlines offer senior citizens discounted ticket prices, including Southwest and United Airlines. These airlines are unique in that they routinely offer discounts to elderly travelers.