Some options for selling used furniture are holding a yard sale, putting an ad in the newspaper, advertising online at different sites and contacting a consignment store. A yard sale may be a useful option for selling a ... More » Home & Garden Furniture

In order to effectively sell used furniture, the seller needs to determine the true value of the items, consider their condition, and price them appropriately. Then, he must decide if he wants to sell the items himself o... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Some reputable online information resources, such as, have specialty pages dedicated to informing would-be sellers of second-hand furniture what to expect and how to gauge pricing. Some expert blogs, such as Ma... More » Home & Garden Furniture
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Some options for selling used furniture include holding a yard sale, posting the furniture on Ebay or Craigslist or bringing it to a consignment shop. Individuals selling furniture can also use online classifieds, such a... More » Home & Garden Furniture

Owners sell used furniture at garage sales, consignment shops and by advertising online on websites such as Craigslist. Each method of selling used furniture comes with advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type... More » Home & Garden Furniture

The best way to sell used furniture is to clean it or repair it to make it look as presentable as possible and hold a garage or yard sale. Advertise for the sale or the furniture pieces individually using a local newspap... More » Home & Garden Furniture

When shopping for used furniture online, compare the prices of new pieces first, create a checklist of the features that you want in your pieces, search on popular websites and auction sites, and then move on to classifi... More » Home & Garden Furniture