A landowner interested in selling the trees on her property for lumber needs to know the different values of the trees based on the sale method as well as the work involved in each option. She also needs to know how to l... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

When selling trees for lumber, start by assessing the trees in the stand to determine their value, and then advertise the sale to attract competing bids from buyers and obtain the best price. Enlist the services of a pro... More » Business & Finance Industries

Trees used for lumber include oak, maple, birch, cherry, walnut, pine, redwood, hemlock, fir and spruce. These trees are classified as hardwood or softwood; hardwood typically consists of deciduous trees. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes
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When used in EMV terminals or point-of-sale systems, Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) cards work though a process known as "dipping," in which the cards are inserted into the terminal slot, as opposed to the traditiona... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Money transfers are typically performed through a wire transfer company for a fee, and the sender chooses a payment option online or in a branch, and once the company receives the funds, the company delivers the money to... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

In the context of property law, perpetual easement is used to describe the rights entitled to a landowner to make limited use of his neighbor's land, such as crossing it to reach his own property, according to Dictionary... More » Government & Politics Law

Easement rights for utilities include the ability for the utility company to gain access to a landowner's land in order to repair and maintain any utility lines or poles that cross the property, explains SF Gate. Propert... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement