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How to Sell Candy in School. If you're interested in selling candy at school to make some quick cash, you'll be pleased to know that selling candy is easy. The real trick is to make a decent profit that can be put toward the things you're...


Hey guys I'll in this video I'm teaching you how to start selling candy!


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The 15 year-old has, according to reports, made about $22,000 selling candy, snacks and sodas to his fellow classmates at school. Rose was raking in almost $100 a day, paying two friends less than ...


You can sell candy outside of school as well, by setting up a stand and selling it. This may work better with bottled drinks, like water, tea, or soda as opposed to candy. You can also organize trades during school, and actually sell the products after school. This is a good idea if your school prohibits sales.


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Selling candy in school does not violate the law. As in, no one will go to jail for selling candies at school. But there’s no guarantee that the school won’t find ways to prosecute whoever tries to do it. Once upon a time, my college classmate Nicholas was a 2nd grader in a Chinese elementary school.


The entrepreneurial spirit of Americans is one of the many things I love about America and Americans. I mean, who would have thought that you could make over $55,000 a year selling candy on New York’s subway. Yet, this man, does exactly that. His name is Alex “Tracks” McFarland and he earns ...


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I am currently selling candy at school, i am getting over 100$$ a week. I Just need to know what happens if i get caught? I looked through my school handbook and it says nothing about selling anything except for drugs, alcohol, and things like that. Should I continue selling or if the consequences too much to handle, thanks for the help guys.