The most important factors in selling a house are pleasant curb appeal, neatness, an updated kitchen and the ability of the buyer to imagine living in the home. All the doors, appliances and cabinets must be in working o... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Homeowners can often sell cheap houses more readily by further lowering prices, repairing and cleaning their houses and securing the right real estate agents. Home staging can help as well. This process involves altering... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

To sell a home by owner, determine a realistic price for the home, upload quality photographs and videos onto reputable home marketing sites, and make yourself available to show the home. Be prepared to correctly and leg... More »

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Though the exact time may vary depending on a variety of factors, the average time to sell a home from creating the listing to closing the deal is approximately three months, according to data from as of 2015... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

The primary factors in the cost of building a home include the size of the home, the architecture style, site preparation, unforeseen problems and additional market conditions, according to Different builders ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Tips for selling your house include setting the right price, increasing the curb appeal, updating the interior and exterior, and cleaning the house. Be flexible about viewing hours to ensure that as many people as possib... More »

To sell your house quickly, price it appropriately, make it attractive in appearance, and make the necessary repairs to the home's interior and exterior. In addition, be easily available to show the house to prospective ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate