Wood pellet suppliers often look to buy used pallets, and some even offer pickup services. Mike's Pallets, for example, buys pallets and offers pickup service in the New York City area. More »

Pallets of wood pellets are available for purchase on and, as of 2015. Each company delivers to certain areas, and Lowe's also offers in-store pickup. only services certain areas... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Used wooden pallets can be taken to pallet-recycling companies and sold for cash. Pallet-recycling companies are generally located in urban areas or near distribution centers that receive goods on wooden pallets. More » Science Environmental Science
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Find pallets of closeout merchandise using the product search engine or the Product Locator Service, which sends user requests to suppliers., an online wholesale directory, provi... More »

Online retailers that sell wholesale pallets include HJ Liquidators Closeouts Inc., Merchandize Liquidators and Warehouse One. Wholesale pallet retailers sell a variety of items in large pallet lots, including clothing, ... More »

Some good products to sell online as of 2015 are Paleo bars, pocket squares, bow ties, wood watches, wood sunglasses and e-cigarettes, according to Others are e-liquid, coconut oil and matcha powder. A good ... More »

Examples of unusual headboards include wooden pallets, room dividers, reclaimed wood and even pegboard. Natural, unfinished wood can also make an unusual headboard, as can a panel board that effectively turns the wall in... More » Home & Garden Furniture Beds & Mattresses