It is possible to sell used appliances as long as they still work or for parts if they do not. One can sell their appliances through appliance classifieds available online, which incorporate ads from used appliance deale... More » Home & Garden Appliances

As of 2015, used household appliances can be sold on eBay and Craigslist. Both offer free sign up, but while Craigslist is free to post an ad, eBay requires a small insertion fee and a final value fee of approximately 10... More » Home & Garden Appliances

As of 2015, used appliances can be sold on eBay and Craigslist. EBay requires an account to sell, while Craigslist can be used with or without an account. A Craigslist account allows expired classifieds to be relisted, w... More » Home & Garden Appliances
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Replacement parts for Rival appliances are available through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site offers a different selection of replacement parts focu... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Summit Appliances dedicates a section of its company website to troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and replacement parts for its appliances. The website allows users to fill out a parts request form that includes infor... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Pick up parts for appliances made by Brown Stove Works, Inc., online from Repair Clinic or Dey Distributing. These online retailers provide photos of individual parts and components so that they can easily be matched wit... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Sears carries Whirlpool replacement parts for many Whirlpool appliances, including Whirlpool dishwashers, washers, dryers, freezers and refrigerators. These parts are available from Sears' website, Sears Parts Direct. More » Home & Garden Appliances