To sell handmade items online, begin by preparing an assortment of items, and determine where to sell the items. Become familiar with the guidelines for selling on the chosen website, and take high-quality photographs of... More »

There are many places where handmade items can be sold. If the seller is computer savvy, websites like,, and are good options. The most popular of these three is, where sellers c... More »

Handmade wooden bowls are available for purchase from online marketplaces such as Etsy and eBay. Sanderson's Wooden Bowls is another resource for buying handmade wooden bowls. More »

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Tips for selling china online include taking clear pictures to include with listings, writing honest and thorough descriptions of the dinnerware, getting appraisal certificates on certain items, and researching the marke... More »

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Promotional products that work well for trade shows are useful, durable items, such as pens, USB thumb drives, USB car chargers, tablet styluses, mugs, and reusable bags branded with a business name, logo, and website ad... More »