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Mohawk Lumber - Buyers of Standing Timber - Producing the finest Appalachian Hardwood Lumber in Ohio. 330-698-5333. ... Interested in selling your trees?


Our company prepares a Forestry Management Plan, harvests responsibly where needed, and uses a maximum percentage of the trees for lumber and other products ...


The ownership of the trees are transferred to the harvesting company when contract is signed and paid for. By the ton offers the landowner payment as trees are ...


May 4, 2016 ... I have some large oak and maple trees that I want removed, ... might be able to sell them for a bit of money to a sawmill/lumber yard that ...


We are looking for quality hardwood sawtimber that we can manufacture into lumber and cross ties. If you want to sell your trees to us in Tennessee, ...


TIMBCO is a timber buying, procurement and forestry company that purchases standing timber, trees and pulpwood throughout North Carolina and Virginia.


Share: Stacked up plies of timber from trees Lumber is a significant natural resource that contributes jobs to the U.S. economy.


Aug 28, 2017 ... Although a diverse range of trees can be harvested, value of end product varies ... High-value timber and veneer is sold by the board foot, ...


These companies are middle men in the timber procurement industry. ... place these logs on a truck and take them to a lumber mill or chip mill and sell them ...


The value of your trees is defined by the products that can be made from them and who ... Also, wood is a commodity and bought and sold as a commodity.


Logging is the process of cutting, processing, and moving trees to a location for transport. ... to somewhere outside the forest, usually a sawmill or a lumber yard.