A simple way of searching self-storage units within a certain location is to use the Facility Locator feature on the Self-Storage Association (SSA) website. The SSA is a nonprofit organization and a registered lobby repr... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Typically, renting a self storage unit simply requires a signed rental contract, a down payment or registered payment option to handle rental fees and the purchase of a lock and insurance for the unit. These may be provi... More »

Tips for choosing the right self storage unit include considering the location and size, verifying the payment policy and verifying security. Ask about climate control and pest control options, and pay attention to the f... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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Public Storage and U-Haul are two companies that offer storage units, as noted by the official website of each organization. A potential customer can visit the desired website and enter location details to find the neare... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

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At self storage auctions, the auctioneer explains the rules, provides an opportunity for bidders to review the contents of the units up for bid, requests bids unit by unit and sells the contents to the highest bidder. To... More »