Self-assessment forms and templates vary, but a general approach to completing them involves considering the audience, emphasizing accomplishments, acknowledging weaknesses and integrating career development questions, s... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Employee self-assessment forms can be used to overview what a person's responsibilities are at a company or as a way to persuade an employee to look inwardly at their strengths and weaknesses as a member of a team or com... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Find job performance self-assessment forms online through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site provides forms for use in a variety of business environments, some of whi... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR
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The 1099 tax form is maintained online on the IRS government website alongside all other tax forms necessary for individuals, small businesses, charitable trusts and other entities that must interact with the tax system.... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Print fill-in forms for individual income taxes by first selecting the form you want from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, explains its website. Print the form completely blank, or fill in numbers in certain fields b... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To download the IRS tax forms for the current year, use the search portal available on the IRS website, locate the form you wish to download, and click on the hyperlink to open and download the form, the IRS explains. Cu... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Instructions for Oregon form 40 can be found on the "Personal income tax forms and instructions" page of the Oregon official government website. Oregon form 40 is only used for individuals who were residents of Oregon fo... More » Business & Finance Taxes