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Bunch grapes are the classical type of grapes used since the beginning of recorded history. Bunch grapes grow in large pods that average 100 berries per bunch. They are used for jelly, jams, preserves, wine, juice, and fresh eating. Seedless grapes are the same, with the exception of no seeds. Seedless grapes are primarily used for fresh eating.


Developed to make eating fresh grapes more enjoyable. Crisp, juicy and flavorful. We offer the best seedless grape varieties you can grow, with a wide range of adaptability and disease resistance.


The most common Black seedless grapes grown as table grapes are Vitis vinifera and Vitis labrusca, or a hybrid of the two. Black seedless grapes are prized for their lush, juicy pulp, very sweet flavors, and highly aromatic skins that offer a pleasant chewiness. Some of the more notable varieties found on the market are Black Monukka, Summer ...


Murcia leads Spanish research on seedless table grapes "At present, we have 18 table grape varieties registered by the Itum-Imida program"


General Types of Grape Vines. Table Grapes (seeded or seedless) Wine Grapes (commonly seeded) Muscadine Grapes (commonly seeded) The most common seedless grapes are table grapes. It's possible to use varieties of table grapes for juice and even wine, but they are ideal for fresh-eating.


‘Neptune’ is a seedless, white grape that is non-slipskin and has a fruity flavor, but is not foxy. This cultivar has excellent clusters that are fairly large and loose enough to deter much bunch rot. The berry size is medium, not as large as some table grapes, but certainly large enough to be pleasing.


Grape Vine Cutting Sales. Grape Vine Sales. Consultation on plant varieties and cultural practices; sources of plants; breeding and developing new varieties; writing, public speaking and broadcasting; testing of noteworthy, unusual, new garden products. Recommending varieties and species that are best for your needs. Including cultural and propagation information, if needed.


Sun World operates one of the largest and longest-running proprietary table grape breeding and licensing enterprise in the world. In its 40+ years of operation, the Sun World Variety Development Center has filed more than 50 table grape plant patents, and today those varieties are grown in all table grape growing regions of the world.


Among white seedless table grape varieties, "Marquis" (Vitis "Marquis," USDA zones 5 through 9) is a good choice for a home garden. "Kay Gray" (Vitis "Kay Gray," USDA zones 4 through 8) and "Edelweiss" (Vitis "Edelweiss," USDA zones 4 through 8) are white, seeded varieties that are exceptionally hardy and may withstand harsher inland wint...


4. Lakemont Grapes | Read my post on this variety | Buy plant These grapes maybe small, but they do pack a honey sweet, flavorful punch. One of the better tasting small grape varieties, such as Champagne grapes. These kid-sized grapes would make good editions to salads. They are just a fun variety that is worth checking out. Growing Info: Grows ...