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Grape vines like humus-rich, medium moisture, well drained soils in full sun. The more sun the sweeter the fruit. Not picky of soil conditions, but best sited in a sheltered location away from winter winds. The variety is self-pollinating vitis labrusca Flame, commonly known as a fox grape, is a seedless red-fruited grape.


Somerset Seedless Grape Vines are ideal for Northern gardeners. These cold-hardy grapes grow in zones 4-8 and produce medium-sized seedless table grapes that are ideal for fresh eating and juice.


Over time vines were selected for larger fruit suited to both wine making and table grapes. It was not until 1900 in California that the first seedless table grape was developed by W. Thompson. Since then, Flame has proved to be second in popularity to Thompson seedless.


The Red Flame Seedless grape vine ripens in late July, and ranks as the most popular seedless commercial vineyard grape that is grown in the United States, and the Red Flame seedless grape texture is firm and develops into large clusters that are flavorful for market as a table grape or as a component of salads The Seedless Grape has colors shades that range from brilliant, flame red to dark ...


Somerset Seedless Grape Vine. The Somerset Seedless Grape is a winter hardy, medium-sized vine. When eating, a firm and crisp flesh quickly gives way to juicy, strawberry-like flavor. Moderately vigorous plants with small to medium sized compact clusters.


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Thompson Seedless, the California name for the white grape variety Sultana, is unquestionably the most planted grape in the Golden State. Its 267,000 acres in 1997 far surpassed total plantings of Chardonnay, which is California’s second most planted grape.


Seedless grapes. Seedless grapes generally don't do well in northern climates. Three varieties that are best for fresh eating and have been tested to grow reliably in zone 4: Mars— Sweet, juicy, blue berries with flavor similar to Concord. Petite Jewel— Red berries with excellent fruity, spicy flavor (may be difficult to grow).


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American grape, a sport of Concord. Berries very similar to Concord, but seedless (or seeds very rare). Bluish-black skin, green flesh, distinctive Concord flavor. 100 hours. Self-fruitful. Cane prune.