You can get a list of available Section 8 rental units from your local housing authority office or search online through websites such as or Section 8 is also known as the housing choice v... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Federal Section 8 rental housing assistance programs are managed locally by public housing agencies that determine eligibility. A person is eligible if he or his family's income does not exceed 50 percent of the median i... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Section 8 housing assistance is a government program that allows low-income families to receive rental assistance from the federal government, which is paid directly to their landlord. This program was authorized by Sect... More » Government & Politics Social Services
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To apply for a Section 8 housing voucher, you must find the local public housing authority office that handles Section 8 applications in your area, determine if it is currently accepting applications, and visit the publi... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Individuals can find lists of Section 8 housing for rent on, a website that lists available housing in all areas of the United States. Local listing are also available on the website of the Housing Authori... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Low-income individuals and families can find available housing and their rents at, a rental listing agency serving the Section 8 housing market. The website allows renters to search available housing in th... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

To apply for Section 8 housing, submit an application to the housing authority that covers your area. While Section 8 housing is a federally-funded program, local Public Housing Authorities are the entities who manage th... More » Government & Politics Social Services