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In the investment community, the primary market refers to the market where securities are created, while the secondary market is the stock market where investors trade securities that they already own. While these terms sound similar, they refer to two very different things.


It is important to use primary and secondary data to test researcher bias and to gather enough information to fully explore a topic. Primary research is any data that is gathered by the researcher. This includes observations, interviews and anything else that is learned during the data collection pr


Secondary industries are those that manufacture products for individuals to use, and they include the construction and production industries. The secondary industry is in contrast to the primary industry, which produces raw materials like natural resources, and the tertiary industry, which focuses o


Some examples of secondary industries are textile production, steel production, oil refining, food processing, aerospace manufacturing and consumer electronics. The automotive, brewing, energy, tobacco, ship-making and chemical industries are also secondary.


Secondary data used in a research paper is data that has already been collected by another person or agency. It is the opposite of primary data.


Examples of secondary data are research reports, government reports, censuses, weather reports, interviews, the Internet, reference books, organizational reports and accounting documents. Secondary data can be defined as information collected by someone other than the user. The use of secondary data


Secondary socialization is what occurs when someone leaves their circle of initial socialization, like their family, home and church, and become a part of a larger circle of people that require new rules and types of interaction. When a person goes from their initial circle to their secondary one, t


A secondary succession is the ecological succession that takes place on the soil in which a primary succession occurred. The secondary succession occurs after an event occurs to remove the previous inhabitants, such as flood or forest fire.


A secondary source uses information from a primary source, firsthand source, or other secondary source to describe or analyze a source. Secondary sources provide a subjective view of an account.


The purpose of market research is to learn about the desires of a target customer base. Market research includes learning about current problems that a customer base has, as well as their preferred solutions.