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When a person has more than one health insurance plan, the primary insurance plan makes the first payment, paying until it reaches the limit of coverage before the secondary plan takes over. However, that does not mean the primary insurance always makes the first payment, the Illinois Department of


When you have health insurance from two or more providers, various criteria are used to determine the primary coverage, according to the Illinois Department of Insurance. The main factor considered is whether you are a primary subscriber or a dependant in the insurance coverage.


Secondary health care means a primary doctor refers an individual to a specialist for testing, consultation, diagnosis or treatment for a specific medical condition, according to About.com. It is more of an intermediate phase of the health care system.


Health insurance provides financial coverage to individuals for medical situations; people subscribe to a health insurance policy for a fee, then receive coverage when necessary for routine office visits, hospital stays and other medical events. Health insurance comes in several packages, as some in


Free health insurance is offered to low-income individuals and families through federal and state Medicaid programs and the Children's Health Insurance Program, and certain veterans may also qualify for free health care, according to Healthcare.gov. Some health insurance plans bought after March 23,


Among common health insurance options are fee-for-service, health maintenance organization, consumer-driven health plans and high deductible health plan, according to U.S. Office of Personnel Management. These are designed to help consumers get and pay for health care differently.


The Affordable Care Act mandates that Americans who do not have health coverage pay a fee beginning in 2014. The fee increases with each subsequent year.


Depending on the state, those in need of health insurance may be able to get it free through Medicaid, or get extremely low cost health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace, as stated by usa.gov. Children from low-income families also qualify for free healthcare under the Children's He


To obtain health insurance, spend some time researching, and then apply online, by phone, by mail or with the assistance of an insurance specialist, recommends the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Filling out a Health Insurance Marketplace application allows you to choose between sever


In a typical health insurance plan, an insured person pays premiums to get guaranteed health benefits from an insurance provider. Additionally, each plan includes a network of medical facilities and providers through which covered people get the best benefits, according to Consumer Reports.