The website offers reading comprehension worksheets for second graders. As of 2015, other sources of worksheets for reading and reading-related skills for second graders include and Education.... More » Education K-12

Individuals can find reading worksheets for second graders on the Super Teacher Worksheets, K12Reader and websites. Most of these worksheets are free, but Super Teacher Worksheets does have some worksheets ... More » Education K-12

A book list for second graders on recommends "Grumpy Bird" by Jeremy Tankard, which discusses grumpiness due to hurt emotions. This list also recommends any book in the "Mr. Putty and Tabby" series by Cynthia R... More » Art & Literature Literature Children's Books
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Teachers and parents can use reading worksheets to help students identify themes, improve reading comprehension, critically think about lessons or the moral within a story and understand the basis of characters. Reading ... More » Education K-12

Second grade reading tests typically include questions that test reading comprehension of a story or phrase, word meaning and usage, and application of key facts and words in written answers. Second grade reading questio... More » Education K-12

Super Teacher Worksheets is a website that offers a large number of student worksheets and learning resources, including math worksheets, spelling lists, science activities, grammar worksheets and reading comprehension p... More » Education K-12

Some reading comprehension quizzes online are reading comprehension worksheets offered by, reading comprehension exercises by and practice tests to prepare for the Scholastic Assessm... More » Education K-12