A method to identify seashells is to use an online seashell identification guide website such as The website shows thumbnails of seashell pictures with names. Match up the seashell to a picture, and click ... More » Science Biology Zoology

Seashells are exoskeletons of marine invertebrates such as mollusks and sea snails, and they grow from the inside out or by depositing new material at the edges, according to Scientific American. Two common types of seas... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life

Seashells, often found washed up along the shores of oceans, are the skeletons of marine animals known as mollusks. Mollusks have exterior skeletons, whereas many mammals, including humans, have interior skeletons. The s... More » Science Earth Science
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While there are many ways to clean seashells, one easy way is to simply boil them, remove any animal tissue, clean the shells in a bleach solution and then oil them. This cleaning process takes only a few minutes. More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

A good insect field guide can aid people in identifying insects in a variety of habitats. Some of these guides, such as Princeton University Press' "Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs," ... More » Science Biology Zoology

To identify animal footprints in the snow, it is helpful to first decode the size of the animal. According to Princeton University's Outdoor Action website, prints can be categorized as large scale, medium scale, small s... More » Science Biology Zoology

According to a Rice University webpage, the five-kingdom system is a method of classifying life forms into five separate categories. The system is an expansion of the previous two-kingdom model of plants and animals. More » Science Biology Zoology