Apple provides an online serial number search to check a device's warranty coverage or AppleCare status. It gives the option to either set up a repair or contact Apple Support. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

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The hardware serial number on an Apple device can be used to check the remaining warranty. The serial number provides information such as the valid purchase date, telephone technical support and coverage for repairs and ... More » Technology Mobile

Apple device owners who forget their Apple ID can request a search from Apple through a form under the My Apple ID section of This form requires the user to provide some information, including their first and ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Contact Apple tech support online by clicking on the Support tab in the top menu bar on the Apple home page. Click on the Contact Us header, and then click the Get Started button. Choose the device that needs support, se... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

AppleCare coverage provides technical support, hardware protection and software support through Apple's customer service team. AppleCare insurance is available on all the company's major products, according to Apple. Tra... More » Business & Finance Insurance