articles, Google Finance and all offer visitors the ability to check stock prices online. All three offer real-time stock quotes and the ability to search for information on specific stocks. More » Business & Finance Investing

Find a list of stocks by price by visiting the MarketWatch website, navigating to the Stock Screener, inputting pricing information and submitting the criteria for sorting, notes The site allows users to... More » Business & Finance Investing

Historical stock price information is available on the Nasdaq website. On the home page, enter the ticker symbol in the search box to view the company's historical stock information. More » Business & Finance Investing
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Investors can keep up with stock prices online or by the more traditional method of reading the stock market pages in a newspaper. The Wall Street Journal and its other online sites, including Marketwatch, Barrons, and S... More » Business & Finance Investing

To find stock prices for MDISX, search the funds section of the MorningStar website, and enter the MDISX symbol. This fund contains holdings in several companies, such as Microsoft, Apple and Teva Pharmaceutical Industri... More » Business & Finance Investing

As of 2015, the average monthly adjusted closing prices for the stock of Apple Inc. varies between $109.95 to $128.45 between the start of the month of December 2014 and February 2015. The average closing price of the st... More » Business & Finance Investing

Stock options are employee benefits featuring set exercise prices at which employees can purchase shares of company stock within specified time frames, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Employees ... More » Business & Finance Investing