Search engine optimization is a marketing process that aims to increase the visitor count of a website by improving its visibility on search engines. Web designers and marketing professionals often abbreviate it as SEO. More » Technology Internet & Networking

A search engine advertising expert handles the search engine optimization and marketing strategies for a company, ensuring the highest possible ranking in queries relevant to the business. This may involve creating paid ... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Advertising

The basic types of search engines include: Web crawlers, meta, directories and hybrids. Within these basic types, there are many different methods used to retrieve information. Some common search engines include Google, ... More »

Search engine marketing is a process by which websites gain greater traffic through both paid and unpaid promotions on search engines. Search engine marketing primarily focuses on paid promotional efforts, with unpaid pr... More » Technology Internet & Networking

The Dogpile search engine is different from other search engines in that it does not search the Internet directly, but rather acts as what Dogpile calls a "metasearch" engine for users. Dogpile takes a user search and se... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some free ways to submit a website to search engines include employing the services of, and Entireweb. As of December 2015, users can submit their websites automatically to over 1,200... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Google and other search engines have sophisticated algorithms to rank pages and sites, so satisfying these algorithms, which are not available to the public, can get a website into the top 10. However, experts have deter... More » Technology Internet & Networking