The best places to take scrap copper include scrap metal dealers such as Earthworks Recycling and Advantage Metals Recycling. Scrap metal dealers pay cash on the spot for scrap copper, with prices based on the current va... More »

The price per pound of scrap copper varies by region and type of copper being turned in for scrap. As of Oct. 21, 2015, bright copper with more than 99 percent pure copper content is worth between $2.32 and $2.35 per pou... More » Business & Finance Industries

Scrap copper prices in 2014 ranged from $.76 per pound to $2.20 per pound, according to Rockaway Recycling. The recycling center updates its prices as they change, and a chart featuring copper scrap prices and other scra... More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing
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Pewter contains several metals -such as copper and lead- whose prices are determined by daily transactions on the London Metal Exchange, according to The Pewter Society and Investing News Network. The market values and a... More »

To weld two pieces of copper, melt solder between the pieces of metal you wish to join. The process involves cleaning the metals, applying flux paste, hitting the metals and then melting the solder to fill the joints. Yo... More »

Silver is usually obtained as a by-product of the process of purifying other metals such as copper, lead and zinc. Silver can also be collected from refining gold or from silver ores. It is usually separated from its ore... More »

Nickel silver is composed of varying amounts of copper, nickel and zinc; in all cases, there is more copper than nickel and zinc. Despite having silver in its name, nickel silver does not have any in its composition. More »