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There are several factors that determine scrap metal prices. Some of these factors are the scrap yard, ... Radiator, Copper Radiator, $3.00or $15.00 (each).


How much can you make by selling copper for scrap? We explain the current prices for different types and amounts, plus how to find copper and sell it.


KME Copper Powder · OSNA-CU58® · OSNA-CU58® Inquiry · ELBRODUR® · PROCU® · ANCU® · Bus Tubes · Machined Parts · CNC Long Bed...


May 7, 2021 ... Copper prices climbed to new highs, fueled by bets on a U.S.-led global economic rebound that would boost demand for metals used in ...


Jun 8, 2021 ... As our latest chart of the week shows, metals prices have ... The increase has been broad-based across industrial metals—copper is up 89 ...


Base Metals commodities such as Copper, Iron Ore, Nickel & Steel - Historical price data and charts - Price forecasts - News & Analysis.


Nov 27, 2019 ... The aluminium price has been flat for a few days now. That is after that steep drop at the beginning of the month. The copper price has been ...