Consumers can find scientific notation calculators online or in retail stores such as Target, Staples and Office Depot, as of June 2015. The websites show product specifications and available customer reviews. Online or ... More » Math Math Calculators

Scientific notation is a system that helps people read either excessively large or excessively small numbers. To find the scientific notation of a number, count how many spaces the second to last digit is from the decima... More » Science Measurements

The scientific notation of a number is the product of the digit term and exponential term. The digits denote the significant figures of the number, which is written with the decimal point located after the first digit. T... More » Math Numbers
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A significant figure counter counts the significant digits in any number, including that of scientific notation. Most sites that have a significant figure counter use a program in which the user enters the number into a ... More » Math Math Calculators

Calculators that add fractions can be found both in-store and online at retailers such as Walmart, Sears and Office Depot. Prices and availability vary by brand of calculator, store and location. More » Math Math Calculators

Enter the year you were born into a full retirement age calculator to determine how old you need to be to receive full Social Security retirement benefits. Once you calculate your full retirement age, decide the best tim... More » Math Math Calculators

An ERR:INVALID DIM error on a TI-84 calculator indicates that one or more STAT PLOTS is turned "on" but there are no values in the STAT lists. If the error occurs when trying to graph a function, then the error can be fi... More » Math Math Calculators