Many of the most promising and celebrated inventions of 2014 were those intended to solve humanitarian or energy concerns, such as the GravityLight and Soccket. Both are capable of providing light and charging electrical... More » History Inventions

Sir Francis Bacon's greatest contribution was developing the Baconian method, also known as empiricism and the scientific method. Coupled with his belief that knowledge and science are to be used for the relief of humani... More »

Robert Boyle is considered to be the "father of chemistry," and he is only known to have invented the famous air pump that he used to study air pressure. Boyle was also responsible for several achievements in physics and... More »

Luigi Galvani did not produce any major inventions. Galvani was an Italian physician and physicist whose research and discoveries led to Alessandro Volta's invention of the voltaic pile. More » History Inventions

There were many great new inventions in the late 1800s, including the telephone, the escalator, the motion picture, the typewriter and certain vaccines. There were so many new technologies invented that U.S. patents incr... More »

There have been numerous inventions by children throughout history, from everyday toys to life-changing creations. These inventions include the Braille system, the trampoline and the Popsicle. More » History Inventions

Notable inventions of the 1980s include the hepatitis-B vaccine, MS-DOS, IBM-PC, the scanning tunneling microscope, the human growth hormone, The Apple Lisa, contact lenses, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, CD-ROM and the Apple... More »