Simple, fun science projects for kids are based on some basic science lessons that are not too complex for kids. They can be projects on life science, general science, physical science, chemistry, Earth and space science... More » Education K-12

Science fair project ideas can be obtained from MPM Ideas, Science Kids and These sites offer project ideas for children ranging from third grade all the way up to 10th grade. More » Education Homework Help

For a science project focusing on the digestive system, kids can make a model stomach and a model small intestine. They can also make a wide array of digestive components, but the stomach and small intestine are the easi... More »

Easy science projects for kids include butterfly feeders, shiny pennies, seed starts, magnetic boxes and wizard`s brew. The wizard`s brew requires a tray to contain the reaction. More » Education K-12

Examples of completely safe electrical science projects for kids include rubbing a balloon against the head until it causes hair to stand up (a result of static electricity, which is harmless) or using a Squishy Circuits... More » Education K-12

Second-grade science lessons include topics such as the life cycles of insects, the water cycle, basic human physiology and the properties of common materials. Good second-grade lessons focus on things that are familiar ... More » Education K-12

Science facts for kids include the speed of a cheetah, the hunting habits of the chameleon, communication among wolves in a pack and the physical impossibility of pigs looking up in the sky. Additional facts are a scallo... More » Education K-12