Sites with ideas for science projects include Science Buddies, and All Science Fair Projects. These sites offer a variety of project ideas for students of all ages. More » Education Homework Help

Some ideas for a simple science project include an Alka-Seltzer film canister rocket, color-changing milk, a helmet crash test and a Mentos diet soda geyser, according to Parenting. Other ideas for basic science fair pro... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Building a model bridge to demonstrate aerodynamics and exposing metal to chemicals to identify how rust forms are two ideas for science projects. Other ideas are capturing rainwater to create a renewable energy source a... More » Education K-12

Good science projects for grade 5 students include projects experimenting with magnets, determining heat capacity of different substances, composting scrap foods and dissecting a bean seed, according to Ot... More » Education Homework Help

Some ideas for small science projects are suspending an egg in water or creating a vinegar volcano. Some other ideas are balloons that explode by themselves, and making fizzy drinks with carbon dioxide. More » Education Homework Help

Many websites offer ideas and instructions for science projects based on grade level. and Science Buddies are two such websites that offer science projects for grade 5. More » Education Homework Help

Some easy and fun science project ideas for fourth graders include projects such as a pizza box solar oven that demonstrates the power of solar energy and a jumping cereal project which displays the properties of static ... More »