In the context of a science fair project, a bibliography is a comprehensive list of the various books, articles and other resources used to develop the project. A bibliography is also typically included at the end of a r... More »

Easy science fair projects include walking on eggs without breaking them and testing helmet effectiveness by using melons. Other fun and easy projects include using taco sauce as a cleaner and building a rocket with a fi... More »

One example of a science project involving insulation is to measure the effects of an insulating container on the transmission of heat from a warm beverage. The comparison involves measuring temperatures at which people ... More »

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A working bibliography is a detailed account of potential sources, such as books, articles and encyclopedias, from where a writer can obtain related literature to support a particular research project. It is only a tempo... More »

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, journals, articles, documents, websites and periodicals that also contains explanations from the bibliographer about each source cited. The descriptive explanati... More »

To write a bibliography, alphabetically sort appropriately formatted references to all books, articles and other resources consulted in the process of writing a research paper. Two formats one might use to arrange source... More »

In the MLA style, a bibliography is formatted in alphabetical order by the author's last name, with all but the first line of each entry indented to 0.5 inches. Capitalize the title of each work. More »