Easy science fair projects include walking on eggs without breaking them and testing helmet effectiveness by using melons. Other fun and easy projects include using taco sauce as a cleaner and building a rocket with a fi... More » Education K-12

The problem in a science fair project is the scientific question that the experiment attempts to answer. It should be phrased as a question and begin with a question word such as "how" or "why." More » Education Homework Help

Find a good mentor, think of an original idea and invest plenty of time into the project to win a school science fair, according to Amber Hess for Science Buddies. Choose an interesting and challenging topic, study essen... More » Education Homework Help
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Craters and Meteorites, The Strength of an Electromagnet and The Bouba-Kiki Effect are examples of science fair projects from as of 2015. Other Science Buddies projects include May the Best Plant Win, ... More » Education K-12

Discovering whether brand-name or generic batteries last longer and determining whether an individual's dominant hand is more sensitive than the other hand make good science fair projects. The former experiment requires ... More » Education K-12

Science fair projects are listed on Science Buddies, and Discovery Education. These sites offer numerous free science projects that users can search to find the best option for a particular field of interes... More » Education K-12

Three of the most popular science fair projects for high school are whether or not tea stains your teeth, whether heat affects sound frequency, and whether or not all liquids take the same amount of time to evaporate, ac... More » Education K-12