Find a good mentor, think of an original idea and invest plenty of time into the project to win a school science fair, according to Amber Hess for Science Buddies. Choose an interesting and challenging topic, study essen... More » Education Homework Help

The problem in a science fair project is the scientific question that the experiment attempts to answer. It should be phrased as a question and begin with a question word such as "how" or "why." More » Education Homework Help

A science fair project, which is generally composed of a display unit, exhibit materials and a written report, is the result of a student’s thorough investigation into a scientific area of interest. Students present a co... More » Education Homework Help
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Examples of good projects for a middle school science fair include descriptive projects such as researched reports about global climate change, experimentation projects such as "What is the effect of caffeine on plant gr... More » Education Homework Help

Creating a science fair project involves getting an idea and doing research, creating questions, designing an experiment, examining the results and presenting the experiment and the results. Before choosing a project, fi... More » Education Homework Help

The best ways to present science fair research are by creating a project journal and writing a research paper. A journal records your thoughts, questions and observations during the project. The research paper presents t... More » Education Homework Help

Creating a successful science fair board can be done by applying the right font and design elements to sufficient relevant information. Adding descriptive pictures creates a distinct character, differentiating the board ... More » Education Homework Help