Examples of good projects for a middle school science fair include descriptive projects such as researched reports about global climate change, experimentation projects such as "What is the effect of caffeine on plant gr... More »

One idea for a fun middle school science project is investigating which ratio of vinegar to baking soda produces the best chemical volcano eruption. Other ideas include examining whether different brands of soda spew the... More »

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Typical science fair projects for middle-school students are determining whether bees recognize patterns, performing acid tests on local minerals, building a light bulb and distilling drinking water from salt water, acco... More »

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Find a good mentor, think of an original idea and invest plenty of time into the project to win a school science fair, according to Amber Hess for Science Buddies. Choose an interesting and challenging topic, study essen... More »

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The most popular science fair topics include carbon dioxide and global warming; the effect of oil spills on aquatic plants; peer pressure and gender; and the effect of classroom temperature on student performance. Popula... More »

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Easy science fair projects for high school students include testing whether tea stains teeth and testing how certain environments affect seed germination. Another project tests what materials make the best hot air balloo... More »

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Some ideas for middle school science projects include finding out what plants grow in which soil pH level and discovering the electrical conductivity of certain soil types, says Live Science. Other science projects inclu... More »