Sciatica is a painful symptom of many conditions that affect a patient's nerves or spine, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The symptom causes burning leg pain that can shoot down a person's leg from the buttocks. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Sciatica is a chronic inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the base of the spine through the buttocks and down each leg, according to Mayo Clinic. The condition can be painful to the point of disability, th... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Pain from sciatica occurs along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back through the hips and buttocks and down each leg, according to Mayo Clinic. Those with sciatica typically only experience pain on one side ... More »

The main cause of radiating pain down the leg, which is sciatica, is a bulging disc in the spine, according to WebMD. Other causes of radiating pain include a narrowing of the spinal canal, bone spurs or nerve root compr... More »

Some common causes of tingling in the left leg include a lower back injury, sitting in the same position too long, pressure on the nerves in the spine, a lack of vitamin B12 and certain medications, notes MedlinePlus. Ti... More »

Some causes of shooting pain in the leg are sciatica, piriformis syndrome and shin splints. With the medical conditions sciatica and piriformis syndrome, the sciatic nerve is affected. Shin splints, which tend to occur i... More »

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