There are many places that school yearbooks can be purchased online, including present year class yearbooks available at the Yearbook Order Center, individual and personalized yearbooks at Jostensor yearbooks from previo... More » Education K-12 has many old high school and college yearbooks and school pictures available online. Users can search the materials by state. This Old Yearbook has some yearbooks that users can view online; some of the... More » Education

Most high schools have all of their yearbooks available in the school library, though they do not typically allow for them to be checked out. People who are not near their old high school can check out, Cl... More »

You can acquire or view a copy of an old middle school yearbook by contacting the middle school directly, suggests Jostens, the nation's largest yearbook publisher. claims to have the country's largest coll... More » Education K-12

Jostens can print an old yearbook if the person who ordered it can get a school's permission, since the schools own rights for the yearbooks. People can obtain permission by contacting the school's media center or yearbo... More » Education K-12

Search and view junior high school yearbooks online on websites like Ancestory and E-Yearbook or in archival local resources like a state or genealogy library. Previous yearbooks from various schools and years may be ava... More » Education K-12

High school yearbooks are usually the property of the school and not the publishing company who printed them. The high school may have an old copy of the yearbook in question or may give permission to reproduce a backdat... More » Education K-12