Good school programs for kids are those that help them develop into all-rounded individuals. Extracurricular activities including sports, cultural and community activities provide recreation to students and help them dev... More » Education K-12

The best reading programs for kids varies greatly on the parents and the child's learning style. There are several top programs that many parents use. More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Government programs for kids include Women, Infants and Children, the National School Lunch Program, Child Support Enforcement and Head Start. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of A... More » Government & Politics Social Services
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Some considerations when selecting a school for troubled kids include affordability, specialized programs and accreditation. Visiting prospective schools with the child makes it easier to find a good fit. More » Education K-12

Kolbe Academy, Stanford University, Liberty University and The Keystone School are four programs that grant high school diplomas, as of 2015. Some online high schools target a particular audience, such as the home school... More » Education K-12

Preschool programs typically begin at around age 2 1/2. Preschools often have age-specific classes and curriculum that sometimes includes kindergarten. A preschool program is a skills-training and academic development ex... More » Education K-12

Testimonies on the Istaion website communicate that children like the Istation programs. The courses through this teacher and home school resource are easy for the children to use, help create progress in education skill... More » Education K-12