Examples of high school classroom rules include coming to class on time and with all supplies needed, listening and doing what the teacher asks, not using electronics during class or being disruptive to other students an... More »

In public school classrooms, teachers use the Smart Board to teach interactive lessons with integrated multimedia content from the Internet, for brainstorming sessions where students directly share their ideas at the boa... More »

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Schools and teachers can obtain free laptop computers for use in classrooms through a variety of methods, including government grants, special technology education organizations and through individual crowdfunding servic... More »

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Some good rules for an elementary school classroom include arriving at school on time, listening to the teacher, working hard and for pupils to keep their hands and feet to themselves. It has been observed by many elemen... More »

School rules are important to follow because they enable the class to run smoothly so that everyone can learn and benefit from what the teacher has to offer. When students follow school rules, everyone, from the teachers... More »

A totem pole project for elementary school students should teach the class about the history and significance of totem poles and then direct each student to create a piece of a collaborative totem pole in the classroom. ... More »

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Some good statistics projects for high school students are analyzing the patterns of word use in State of the Union speeches, evaluating characteristics of Donors Choose projects that get funded, and identifying the best... More »