Facial scarring can be treated with over-the-counter prescription creams, cosmetic procedures such as collagen fillers, or with steroid injections, states WebMD. For a more DIY remedy, apply Vitamin C and E directly to a... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

You can cover scars on your face by dotting on a colored concealer, following the concealer with foundation and then dotting on another thin layer of concealer. Set your concealer and foundation with loose or pressed pow... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

To prevent acne scars you need to catch and treat the scars before they fully form. Try over-the counter treatments as soon as you see any signs of acne. An important rule is to avoid skin inflammation. Do this by choosi... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes
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Types of injectable facial wrinkle fillers include hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers such as Juvederm Ultra and Restylane; synthetic wrinkle fillers such as Radiesse and Sculptra; and collagen wrinkle fillers such as Zypla... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

A liquid face lift is a cosmetic procedure where a doctor injects fillers into the face in order to lift facial features and replace collagen lost due to aging, according to the Liquid Face Lift Association. Liquid face ... More » Health

Treatments for acne range from prescription and over-the-counter medications to birth control pills, topical creams, removal of acne spots and chemical peels. The first step to correcting acne is to visit a dermatologist... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes

Some effective treatments for skin redness include applying a cold compress, changing detergents or fabric softeners, changing makeup or foundation, applying hydrocortisone cream and taking prescription medicine, suggest... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care Skin Blemishes