The best time to plant hollyhock seeds is in the late winter, about a week before the last frost. If planting seedlings, the best time to do so is a couple of weeks after the last frost. More »

An essential step in preserving hollyhock seeds is to collect only seed capsules that are brown, papery-dry and beginning to split open. This minimizes the occurrence of mold and mildew during winter seed preservation. T... More »

The best time for starting seeds indoors is determined by the type of seed a grower is planting and the area's last expected frost date. Use the last expected frost date to count backward to the planting date to determin... More »

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The best time to plant runner beans is when the threat of frost is over and the ground has started to warm, according to The Organic Gardener. Soaking the seed prior to planting may help with germination. More »

The best time to plant pumpkin seeds is when the soil temperature reaches at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit and all chance of frost has passed. This varies depending on what part of the country one is in. More »

The best time to plant potatoes is right after the final spring frost. It is sometimes necessary to wait a few weeks just to be sure that a surprise freeze doesn't wipe out newly sprouted seedlings. More »

The best time to plant roses is in early spring after the last frost or in early fall before the first expected frost. Once planted, a rose bush reaches its mature size in two to three years. More »