The best time to plant hollyhock seeds is in the late winter, about a week before the last frost. If planting seedlings, the best time to do so is a couple of weeks after the last frost. More »

An essential step in preserving hollyhock seeds is to collect only seed capsules that are brown, papery-dry and beginning to split open. This minimizes the occurrence of mold and mildew during winter seed preservation. T... More »

The best time to plant roses is in early spring after the last frost or in early fall before the first expected frost. Once planted, a rose bush reaches its mature size in two to three years. More »

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To grow snapdragons, plant the seeds in containers of vermiculite six to eight weeks before the last expected frost of the season. After planting the seeds, set the containers in a sunny location, and maintain temperatur... More »

If you are starting the okra seeds indoors, plant them three or four weeks before the last spring frost date for your area, and set them out when the seedlings are 6 weeks old. Otherwise, wait to plant okra until the soi... More »

The best time to plant a garden depends upon factors including what you plant, your local climate and whether you plant seeds indoors. A rule of thumb is to plant before the last frost for cold-climate plants and after t... More »

The best time for starting seeds indoors is determined by the type of seed a grower is planting and the area's last expected frost date. Use the last expected frost date to count backward to the planting date to determin... More »