To open an online savings account, choose a financial institution, and complete the associated registration process, as listed by the Bank of America website. There are multiple financial institutions offering online sav... More »

A custodial savings account is a type of savings account opened for a minor by and under the name of a custodian. This type of account is usually opened by parents for their children to save up for their education expens... More »

According to Bankrate, advantages of a savings account include money liquidity, money safety and multiple withdrawal options; disadvantages include interest rates that are usually lower than these of CDs and other invest... More »

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The method of checking an account balance online will vary, but one way is by logging into the online account a user owns with a bank and viewing the balance, advises Bank of America. Individuals must register for an onl... More »

To open a Discover online savings account, customers must complete the online application, verify the information, deposit funds, and then complete the application, states Discover. To open an account, customers need a p... More »

To open a personal savings account with American Express, submit an application on the American Express website or by phone, explains American Express. After receiving confirmation, fund the account electronically or by ... More »

The easiest and quickest way to open a Wells Fargo savings account is by applying online, as stated on the Wells Fargo website. You can also apply by phone or in person. A number of account options are available dependin... More »