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Propelling young scientists to save our seas · National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation Donates $60,000 to Fund Undergraduate Scholarships.


Support a national effort to protect our marine environment and endangered sea turtles; Receive tax deduction donation benefits without paying commissions ...


Aug 2, 2009 ... The National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation enticed donors with hefty tax deductions and, sometimes, a wad of cash up front.


The National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit Florida corporation, incorporated in the year 1987 for the purpose of preservation of ...


For 32 years, the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation (NSSTF) has worked to protect the marine environment, while saving sea turtles from extinction.


Mar 8, 2021 ... The foundation and the Florida Hawksbill Project have performed several studies and research on the endangered species, which include satellite ...


The non profit that I love to donate to is the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. If you donate to them you must know that your money… read more.


Non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles in North Carolina.


Ecotours, volunteer programs, education, and fundraising for sea turtle conservation.


National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation initiatives include research, education, and scientific investigation. Children's programs developed by the National ...


Sea Turtle, saving endangered sea turtles from extinction. Since 1987 the Foundation has worked tirelessly to preserve the environment, educate children, ...