SAP is a company that creates computer programs for business based enterprising software. The company that provides the computer program is operated out of Germany and has locations in 130 countries throughout the world. More » Technology Computer Programming

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is the name of an enterprise resource planning system, or ERP. More » Technology Software

The SAP system helps create a common centralized database that runs all of the applications in an organization. The system has been set up in a way that it is versatile enough to handle all of the functions of an organiz... More » Business & Finance Business Resources
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Embedded software refers to computer programs that directly interact with hardware. These programs are typically built to perform a specific function or to make the hardware perform in a specific way, and several pieces ... More » Technology Computer Programming

Some computer forensics tools include disk imaging software, hashing tools, software write tools, file recovery programs, encryption decoding software and analysis programs, according to HowStuffWorks. Law enforcement in... More » Technology Computer Programming

General-purpose software refers to computer applications that are not designed for a particular business, industry or department. These applications may, therefore, be adopted and applied by many professionals, including... More » Technology Computer Programming

The recovery program for HP Pavilion computers is for recovering software and drivers that originally shipped with the computer and is pre-installed on Windows 7 machines. Users can access the program by clicking on HP R... More » Technology Computer Programming