The Battle of San Jacinto was important because it secured Texas' freedom from Mexico. The battle, which occurred on March 13, 1836, ended the Texas Revolution and put Texas on the path to statehood. San Jacinto is consi... More » History Modern History US History

As of 2015, San Jacinto College offers online courses. Students interested in online courses at San Jacinto College should go to the school's website, choose Online learning and then click on See Available Courses to vie... More » Education Colleges & Universities

Mount San Jacinto's Menifee Valley campus is located at 28237 La Piedra Road in Menifee, California. It is at the corner of Antelope and La Piedra Roads. To reach the campus from Highway 215, visitors should take the off... More » Education Colleges & Universities
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The Battle of Gonzales took place near the small town of Gonzales, Texas, on Oct. 2, 1835. The battle is considered to be the first battle of the Texas War of Independence, which ended with the region breaking away from ... More » History Modern History US History

The Battle of Gonzales launched the war for independence in Texas, which left Anglo-American colonists politically divided from the Mexican government. The conflict occurred when Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the Mexican ... More » History Modern History US History

A combined force of troops from the American Continental Army and the French Army, the former led by General George Washington and the latter by the Comte de Rochambeau, won the Battle of Yorktown against British Army tr... More » History Modern History US History

The Battle of Cowpens in 1781 was of crucial importance in the Revolutionary War because it helped turn the tide of the war in the South. Though relatively small in terms of the total number of troops, it inflicted key l... More » History Modern History US History